1. Syllabus

DH, eh?

2. Assessment

How we will measure your development.

3. Schedule

Meeting times and other important information

4. DH in the Wild

Many and various are the Digital Humanities

Minimal Computing

Sometimes, the best DH is micro DH

Algorithmic Writing: Games, Simulations

The natural medium for DH perhaps


Archives and databases are not the same thing

Computational Creativity

There’s more to DH than mere analysis


A brief point of entry into the complicated world of open access publishing, open peer review, journal building, and other issues

Screwmeneutical Imperative

DH can be about play and productive fails


Hands On DH

Accessibility & Design

Our use of computers privileges the sighted and the able. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Public Humanities

When you put scholarship out there…

Digital Pedagogy

Pedagogy is often about much more than mere ‘teaching’…

Social Media

Social media moves faster than academia.


Do you need to code? What is code?


The crowd in DH


Visualization and its objects


The road goes forever onwards…


What is the role of sound in DH?

Text Analysis

DH deals with a lot of text

Network Analysis

Everything’s connected…. so what?