4. DH in the Wild

Many and various are the Digital Humanities

This list is meant to give you an idea of how DH plays out across multiple disciplines and communities. It is not to be understood as a ‘best of’ or ‘canon’. These are however projects that fascinate me endlessly.

Black Digital Humanities Projects & Resources A Google Doc - well over 100 different projects

Digital Harlem http://digitalharlem.org/

Early African American Film http://dhbasecamp.humanities.ucla.edu/afamfilm/

Freedom’s Ring http://freedomsring.stanford.edu/?view=Speech

Final Student Projects from Miriam Posner’s DH101 Class

Kauffman, Micki ‘Quantifying Kissinger’ http://blog.quantifyingkissinger.com/

Mining the Dispatch https://dsl.richmond.edu/dispatch/

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon http://www.sixdegreesoffrancisbacon.com/

Cover Image by Cindy Chen, Unsplash