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Digital History, Digital Archaeology, Simulations, Games, AR, Romans. Method & Theory.

Guiding the MA in Digital Humanities 2015/2016 Programme at Carleton University


Introduction to Programming (well, kind of.)

A nice intro to what programming is - and an explanation of how you already know all this stuff; you just didn't have the lingo yet. Fits nicely with the oct 6 readings.


How I Got a Job with My Literature Degree (and No, I’m not a Teacher) — Humanities Students Get Jobs on the Internet!!! — Medium

Notice that the coding was just a small part of what got this person her job. What is it that you want to get out of this course, and where do you think it'll lead?



How (and Why) to Generate a Static Website Using Jekyll, Part 1 – ProfHacker - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education

A gentle introduction to using 'Jekyll' for generating websites (without coding! without tears!)


The Higher Dead (bot)

A python script for generating random edu-babble vc-speak. Can you see how it works?


Nick Montfort's "Through the Park" short story generator

A python script by Nick Montfort for generating a short story. Can you parse what's going on?