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Digital History, Digital Archaeology, Simulations, Games, AR, Romans. Method & Theory.

Guiding the MA in Digital Humanities 2015/2016 Programme at Carleton University


Humanities Data in R

Humanities Data in R

textbook and digital resource for exploring networks, geospatial data, images, and text using the popular open-source programming language R


Melissa Terras: Opening Access to Collections

Opening Access to Collections: the Making and Using of Open Digitised Cultural Content


International Journal of Cultural Property - Protecting Traditional Knowledge and Expanding Access to Scientific Data: Juxtaposing Intellectual Property Agendas via a “Some Rights Reserved” Model - Cambridge Journals Online

If you're interested in scholarly publishing, open access data-as-publication, the taylorization of the academy, and more, you need to go read everything written by Eric Kansa. If you find you can't get the document at the link above, try this:


Baking Gingerbread, as a DH project | Packets

DH is in the process. Excellent post.



Introduction to Programming (well, kind of.)

A nice intro to what programming is - and an explanation of how you already know all this stuff; you just didn't have the lingo yet. Fits nicely with the oct 6 readings.


corpkit: a tool for investigating text | corpkit

For the computational linguists amongst us, what appears to be quite a sophisticated package.


What Is “Digital Humanities,” and Why Are They Saying Such Terrible Things about It?

Matthew Kirschenbaum unpacks some of the tortured meanings of the phrase.