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Who's doing which seminar

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[I've also put the confirmed speakers on this schedule]



Oct 6: How we got here, 'code': Jenna

Oct 13: The Crowd: Marissa

[Oct 20: 5800: Gail Carmichael]

[Oct 23: 5800: Damien Huffer]


Nov 3: Viz & Other ways of seeing: Elise

[Nov 10: 5800: Alban Denoyel]

Nov 17:   **Attention** You are invited to my book launch on this day, at our usual time, in the Paterson Hall History Department Lounge (4th floor). There will be a digital workshop with my co-author Ian Milligan. This will count towards DIGH5000. Which means Jessie's seminar will be moved to a new date (tba).

Nov 24: Maps & Digitized Space: Jessie (11.35 - 1, Discovery Centre rm 481)

[The 5800: DH Maker Bus Crew - Kim Martin et al session is postponed until further notice]


Dec 1: Images & Audio: Richard


Jan 12: Text analysis: Susan

Jan 26: Algorithmic writing: Alex


Feb 9: Sustainability: Beth & Richard

Feb 23: Scholarly Publishing: Sharon


March 8: Archives & Databases: Justin

March 22: Future DH!: Allie


April 5: DH Primers presentation: Tout la gang.


Not on the list?

If you haven't selected a session yet, I think I am going to limit your choices to January 26th, or February 23rd, as there is much there we could cover and two seminar presentations on those days could work nicely. Please consult with the person who has already claimed that spot to ensure that you don't duplicate. Leave a comment on this post to claim your spot!